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## We show you how to get around and get things done, simply and easily. [![><](file-guid:2fe3e350-a4ef-4a6b-b5ac-6ce500db6ff4 =100%x)]( "Get started...") # INTRO **Simply, there are TWO ways to get things done here: [PEOPLE]( "PEOPLE") and [SPACES]( "SPACES")**.\ Both have FUNCTIONS (module) and CONTENT (the information like articles, [links]( "links"), photos, [tasks]( "tasks"), [calendars]( "calendars"), or [meetings]( "Start a meeting") **that are delivered by the functions.** **You simply choose who you want to work with:** [shared spaces]( "shared spaces") or [individual people]( "individual people"). Once there, you can set (or use what the owner has set) which items you want. ## # MENUS Getting around is done via text menus, lists of actions you are likely to want grouped together. There are three main navigations: 1. _MAIN MENU_\: The row of icons under the logo and ID block, which may collapse to ‘Menu"‘ to fit on smaller devices. 2. _PROFILE_\: Your ID/Photo will enable you to control what you show about yourself and how it works. 3. _ALERTS_\: Between the logo and Profile may show icons for Alerts, Messages, and themes ## # SPACES Think of [Spaces]( "Spaces") a individual shops in a mall or individual companies trading in a big office building. We are the collective, but each is a specific focus, one that you might have shared interest in. ![](file-guid:ed0fae41-7a60-4841-a453-233be7c66c20 "360_main_spaces.png") When you select ‘[Spaces](# "Spaces")’, you will see all shared spaces available to you. Depending on the owner’s chosen security, you may have to request access. There can be some that are private, so you cannot see or use them, but this is for your privacy. You can ‘Follow” to be updated on things in it or you can ‘Join’ it to be able to use it’s contents. ![](file-guid:2fe18ba3-ec46-4c45-aa04-534947bca8a5 "360_main_my-space.png") The’ My Spaces’ block gives you easy access to your preferred (and approved) spaces. You can also create your own spaces, with your rules, features, and content. ## # YOUR PROFILE ![](file-guid:51089b68-dc08-404c-89bc-a06143f3ca20 "360_main_profile.png") Updating your preferences to get the most from this site is easy. Just click on your ID block/photo in the upper right. The ‘My Profile’ options include identity, contact, and info about you. ‘Settings’ sets how you want things to work here. ![](file-guid:279c0b6b-9d40-4d29-8970-b1d79eabd5a1 "360_main_profile_edit.png") Notice that your profile has a menu on the left with features you opt to share with others. These may include bookmarks, blog pages, links, photo galleries and more. You can easily change these in your Settings. ![](file-guid:58175a12-a890-4f65-9fdf-e02483681cfd "360_main_profile_edit_general.png") Of course, you always have complete control over what your profile says about you, who and how others here may contact you, and what interests you may have. This is how we can maintain privacy, security, an still be able to collaborate effectively. ## # PEOPLE ![](file-guid:c66bba16-877a-4194-a679-988c929ab78c "360_main_people.png") The ‘People’ directory lets you see others here (but only what they will share), so you can find-like-minded people, collaborate, and maybe gain new partners or inspiration. how


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