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| **Basics** | **My Profile** | **Features** | | ------ | ---------- | -------- | | Getting Around | Updating my info & contacts | Contacts, Calendar, & Tasks | | Spaces, People, and Features | Update my preferences | Content Management | ## • Getting Around There are three menu areas, each for a simple purpose: - _MAIN menu_ is along to top, beneath the coloured section with our logo, your alerts, and your profile. Wherever you are, these are the things most often needed in that space, service , or profile. - _CONTENT menu_ is the box on the left, with specific content for that space, service, or profile. - _EXTRAS menu_ isn’t everywhere, but can provide extra info, items, or services that the Space/Profile owner wants to offer. ## • Spaces At the core of our service are Spaces where you can work, create, or share vital information. Each has the tools, resources, and content it’s community needs to work effectively. ## • People A key benefit of our service is your ability to finedand work with other people that share (or can help) your interest, needs, and workability. ## • Features We feature many functions, tool,s or apps that work the same in any Space or Profile they are enabled. These include: • _calendars     • discussions_ • _tasks       • meetings_ • _links       • galleries_ ## • Updating My Info ## • Updating My Preferences ## • Contacts ## • Calendar ## • Tasks ## • Content